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Archive for March 18, 2010

Welcome to a photographic journey through the fields, woods, and marshes of New England

Here I’ll be sharing some photographs I’ve recently taken as well as some of my favorites from my forthcoming book Naturally Curious. I’ll be updating my blog periodically with new images, new stories, and more glimpses of New England in all seasons.


Depending on your elevation, you can find ice-covered ponds as well as a few open ponds in central Vermont right now. I visited one which was half frozen-half thawed, and saw my first beaver of the year (and northern flicker) enjoying the open water. For some reason it was out swimming around during the day (probably due to the joy of being able to keep its head above water and see a blue sky!). There were several tail slaps (it’s been months since beavers could slap the surface of the water, so it probably was enjoying the experience), one of which I captured in the accompanying photo.