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Archive for June 16, 2010

Spider Silk – Welcome to a photographic journey through the fields, woods and marshes of New England

Many of the images and much of the information in this blog can be found in my book, Naturally Curious, which is being published this fall.


All spiders spin silk – they use it as a safety line when climbing, to wrap their eggs as well as prey in, to disperse when young (it catches the wind and they “balloon” off into the air) – but only certain species of spiders use it to make a trap, or web, in which to catch their prey. Wolf spiders are hunters, as are the crab spiders and jumping spiders that hide in flowers and other locations that are attractive to insects, waiting to surprise and pounce upon their prey. Some spiders, however, spin sticky, silken webs into which unsuspecting insects fly (such as the pictured fly), thereby usually sealing the insect’s fate.