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Toadlets – Welcome to a photographic journey through the fields, woods and marshes of New England

Many of the images and much of the information in this blog can be found in my book, Naturally Curious, which is being published this fall.


If you know of a pond where you heard American toads trilling three or four weeks ago, now is the time to revisit it, as toad tadpoles are transforming into toadlets – very tiny toadlets – and coming onto land. It’s easy to miss them – you could fit two or three of them on a dime – but usually their numbers are so great that if you’re looking for them, you’ll see them. In a pond where toads have mated and layed eggs, you’ll now see hundreds of tiny, dark toadlets in the vegetation around the pond, where they may linger for days or weeks before moving away. Look very closely and you’ll see remnants of a tadpole tail and the beginning of their mottled adult coloration.

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