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Archive for July 6, 2010

Eastern Prairie Fringed Orchis – Welcome to a photographic journey through the fields, woods and marshes of New England

Many of the images and much of the information in this blog can be found in my book, Naturally Curious, which is being published this fall.


Eastern prairie fringed orchises are found not only on prairies, which New England has precious few of, but also in bogs. It’s flower spike consists of 5 to 40 white flowers, each of which has a three-part fringed lip less than an inch long and a nectar spur which is about 1 to 2 inches long. Hawkmoths pollinate the nocturnally fragrant flowers of this member of the orchid family while inserting their long tongues into the nectar-bearing spurs.The eastern prairie fringed orchid is on the U.S. List of Endangered and Threatened Species. The decline in the population of this orchid is due primarily to the loss of habitat from the drainage and development of wetlands.