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Snow Geese – Welcome to a photographic journey through the woods, fields and marshes of New Englandw Geese –

Dead Creek National Wildlife Area in Addison County, Vermont, consists of nearly 3,000 acres of cultivated farmland, wetlands, grasslands, and hardwood forests surrounding Dead Creek, a river which runs north through the Champlain Valley on Vermont’s western border and empties into Otter Creek near its mouth on Lake Champlain. It is primarily a waterfowl refuge, and several dams have been constructed to increase open water and permanently flood wetland areas. Among the 200 species of birds that Dead Creek WMA attracts are the Snow and Canada Geese that stop here for fuel on their fall migration southward. Upwards of 20,000 Snow Geese can be found at Dead Creek around the middle of October feeding in corn fields; you can reliably see them here through November, though not in as large numbers.

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