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Archive for September 3, 2011

Common Walkingstick

In an effort to look even more like a stick, this wingless common walkingstick (Diapheromera femorata), the only species of walkingstick in the northeast,  has stretched its front pair of legs out straight in front of it, to either side of its two long  antennae. In addition to being very well camouflaged, some species of walking sticks will rock their bodies side to side, resembling a twig swaying in the breeze.  Worldwide, walking sticks range in length from an inch to over a foot and are often green or brown. Those in New England are usually about three inches length.  Walking sticks are herbivorous, consuming the leaves of trees (often oaks) and shrubs, but we rarely see them, due to their camouflage as well as their nocturnal habits.