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Archive for May 18, 2012

Wild Strawberry


Wild Strawberry, Fragaria virginiana, a member of the Rose family, grows throughout New England and is one of the parent plants for the cultivated hybrid strawberry (the other plant being native to Chile). Its fruits are a staple food for many animals but the leaves and flowers of this plant are also an important source of sustenance for a wide variety of creatures.  Cottontail rabbits, snowshoe hares, eastern chipmunks, white-footed mice, white-tailed deer, ruffed grouse, slugs and a variety of invertebrates including aphids, weevils and mites feed on the leaves of wild strawberry.  The flowers attract honeybees, bumblebees, butterflies and other insects that collect its pollen and nectar.  Caterpillars of several species of moths feed on the foliage and flowers of Wild Strawberry.