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Archive for December 12, 2012

Green Long-jawed Orbweaver

12-10-12 Green Long-jawed Orbweaver IMG_6635In December, in Vermont, you don’t expect to come across an active spider, but yesterday that’s exactly what happened. A Green Long-jawed Orbweaver (Tetragnatha viridis) was crawling on the duff underneath a stand of hemlocks. Upon noticing me, this slender ¼” spider immediately formed itself into a straight line, with four of its legs stretched forward, and four backwards. Assuming this shape enables these spiders to be very well camouflaged on a blade of grass. There are 25 species in this genus in North America, all of which are called “stretch” spiders, referring to their elongated body form. They are very agile and can navigate on the surface of water very well.