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Black-capped Chickadees Still Nest-building

7-5-13  black-capped chickadee 006Black-capped Chickadees tend to be early nesters, often as early as April, as they build their nest inside a cavity where it is sheltered from the cold. Chickadees rarely re-use a nest, so one might guess that this Black-capped Chickadee with nesting material in its beak in early July has a second brood on its way. However, it is unusual for Black-capped Chickadees to have a second brood of young after the first has fledged. If they lose the first brood, they sometimes will re-nest, but it’s more likely that this chickadee is just a late nester, as nest-building can and does occur up until mid-July. Both members of a pair excavate a cavity in a rotting tree, stump or post and then the female alone builds the nest inside the cavity. The foundation of the nest is usually made of coarse material such as moss. The lining consists of softer, finer material such as deer hair, rabbit fur, or in this case, an aging chocolate Labrador Retriever’s hair.

2 responses

  1. Susan Holland

    Doesn’t it make Emma happy to know that she has softened the inside of this chickadee’s nest? I love this picture!!!

    July 5, 2013 at 4:52 pm

  2. Connie Youngstrom

    I saw the same a couple days ago. My choco Lab has been shedding like crazy, too. I owe you thanks for getting me started with Hillside Labs in Pawlet. We are now on our 4th lab from Pam Leslie. Sedge Wren is her name and she is 6 months old. I read your nature notes every day, thank you! Connie

    July 6, 2013 at 2:29 pm

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