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Archive for November 6, 2013

Ribbed Pine Borer’s Winter Pupal Chamber

11-6-13  ribbed pine borer winter shelter 132The larva of the Ribbed Pine Borer, Rhagium inquisitor, (a beetle) lives just under the inside of a pine tree’s bark. It is a long-horned beetle, and in the fall, when it’s ready to pupate, it creates an oval cell by chewing a relatively flat chamber approximately 1 ¼” long. The Ribbed Pine Borer uses the woody fibers it chewed to form a raised “wall” surrounding the chamber. It then pupates inside the wall, and overwinters in the chamber as an adult beetle, emerging to mate in the spring. (Thanks to Kitty Stanley for photo op.)

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Ferdinand Fox’s First Summer Wins Awards

100 ppi FerdinandFox2I thought I would share with my readers that my children’s book, FERDINAND FOX’S FIRST SUMMER, has received two awards this fall – it has been listed as an “Outstanding Science Trade Books for Students K-12 for 2014” by the National Science Teachers Association (NSTA) and the Children’s Book Council, and it also received a 2013 Children’s Moonbeam Award. If there’s a young person (3-7 years) in your life, this might make a great Christmas gift!