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Archive for February 9, 2015

Animal Eyes Ordering Info

2-9-14 Animal Eyes orders  154 A number of blog readers have requested ordering information for Animal Eyes. You can quickly order a copy by clicking on the image of the cover to the right on my blog, which will take your directly to the publisher, Arbordale, or you can request that your local independent bookstore carry it or get you a copy, or you can find it online. Thank you for asking!

Newest Children’s Book Release

larger image for use as blog post-AnimalEyes

Animal Eyes is the first of a series of early childhood books on animal parts which I am currently writing (mouths, tails, feet, etc. to follow). This book takes a look at the eyes of a variety of animals and explores what their size, number, color and position tells us about the life style of animals as far-ranging as owls, flying squirrels, spiders and dragonflies. Appropriate for ages 3-8. Accompanying the text for each animal is a two-page, close-up photograph. “Animal Vision Fun Facts,” a “Match the Eye to the Animal” activity and an illustrated Glossary provide additional educational information at the end of the book.