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Archive for May 1, 2015

Naturally Curious Blog Begins 6th Year

DSC_0064Once every year, usually in April but this year in May, I celebrate the passing of another year of the Naturally Curious blog. April, 2015 marked the completion of five years of posts, many of which will be incorporated into the book I am currently working on, Naturally Curious Day by Day. (It won’t be published for at least another year or two.) I’d like to thank all of my readers, old and new, for tuning in so faithfully, sharing comments and questions, and supporting this endeavor. In this day and age, finding five minutes a day to read a blog is a major accomplishment, and I am very grateful to you for making the time to do so. I hope you will continue to enjoy the next five years (and hopefully many more) of my Naturally Curious blog as well as make many discoveries of your own. It’s so rewarding to be in touch with so many kindred spirits.

Most of the time, photographing for my Naturally Curious blog is pleasurable. Occasionally, however, one has to endure hardships in order to capture the desired photograph. One warm, windless day in the month of June I was attempting to photograph moose in northern Maine and was overcome with black fly bites as I sat in my canoe for hours waiting for the perfect shot (yes, I was woefully unprepared – that’s my t-shirt pulled over my head and ears). My misery was recorded for posterity by my camera-carrying companion. I’m only sharing her humorous/embarrassing photograph because I want you to know the lengths to which I go to find interesting subjects for the blog! (Photo by Mary Sue Henszey)

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