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Archive for May 22, 2015

Spring Birth

Yam  470In addition to mallards, star-nosed moles, chipmunks and a host of other animals, my daughter Sadie is about to give birth. I will be taking a few days off to be on hand for her. I apologize for the lack of posts for the next week or so, but nature calls.

Great Horned Owlets Soon To Fledge

great horned owl 454Great Horned Owls are said to have a wider range of nest sites than any other bird in the Americas. Most commonly they use tree nests of other species, particularly Red-tailed Hawks as well as other hawks, crows, ravens, herons (Great Blue Heron nest pictured), and squirrels.

These month-old young owls have grown rapidly, from a weight of roughly an ounce at birth to about two pounds. They will weigh approximately 2 1/2 pounds when they fledge. By six weeks of age, young Great Horned Owls are climbing out of the nest and perching on nearby branches, and by seven weeks they are taking short flights.

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