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Archive for December 18, 2015

Live Web Cams Bring Wildlife to You

12-18-15 sandhill crane IMG_3025With no snow to reveal wildlife tracks and traces, and cold, rainy weather that after a certain point discourages even the most ardent naturalists, there comes a time when the computer can almost compete with the great outdoors. Want to see Tawny Frogmouths in Australia? Green-headed Tanagers feeding in Brazil? Bald Eagles nesting in Florida? Bananaquits feeding in Bonaire? All this and more is available with one or two taps of your finger.

Live webcams have been set up to record activity at hundreds of sites that wildlife frequent. To view feeders and the avian visitors they attract, go to and choose what part of the world or which species of bird you wish to observe. Some birds in warmer climates are nesting now, and archived highlights as well as live nest coverage from all over the world can be found by going to Activity at an African watering hole can be monitored at (11:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. EST is best time to watch). The possible viewing opportunities are endless. You may wish to consult Audubon’s list of the 10 best wildlife webcams at — cranes, wolves and birds are just some of the creatures that serve as the focus of these webcams. (Photo: Sandhill Crane. Migrating birds stopping to refuel at the Platte River in Nebraska in March can be seen at

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