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Archive for January 18, 2016

Mink Sliding

1-18-16 mink slide IMG_2668Most animals stay holed up immediately following a snowstorm — often 24 hours go by before a lot of tracks can be found. One of the exceptions is the Mink, whose activity does not seem to be curtailed by the weather. Like other weasels, this bounding carnivore often leaves diagonally paired tracks, but unlike other weasels, its tracks are consistently the same distance (1 to 3 feet) apart. They also are most prevalent in or near wetlands. It is not uncommon, when a Mink comes to a hill, for it to slide down the hill, creating a three-inch-diameter groove that starts and ends with paired tracks. Unlike its close relative, the North American River Otter, a Mink does not usually slide on level ground or uphill.
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