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Archive for March 18, 2016

Brown Creepers Singing

3-18-16 brown creeper singing034The high, thin notes of the brown creeper’s song are one of the first avian signs of spring. Their  delicate “tinkling” song is sung only by males on their breeding grounds, most often during territory establishment. Specifically, males sing more often before and during nest construction than during egg laying, incubation, and the nestling period. Singing activity increases again after young have fledged.

At this time of year, when there are relatively few other birds songs, the brown creeper’s song stands out, although it is so high-pitched some people have trouble hearing it. In mixed-deciduous forest, a brown creeper’s song is audible up to 400 feet away, a bit farther than the length of a football field. In addition to this song, several calls are given by both male and female creepers throughout the year. To hear the brown creeper’s song (thought by some to resemble the words, “trees, beautiful trees”) go to  (Sound recording © Lang Elliott –

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