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Archive for February 8, 2017

Your Naturally Curious Comments

2-3-17-yellow-crowned-night-heron-by-mholland-030I’ve been meaning to address the subject of reader comments on my posts and my responses, or lack thereof,  for some time.  As you might imagine, I get a number of questions emailed to me as well as questions submitted on “Comments” after each post, which I do my best to answer. However, after having responded to those questions, gone outside to photograph for the next day’s post, decided on a topic, researched that topic and written the post, there is precious little time to respond to the rest (those not asking questions) of the comments. I read every single comment, and ideally would respond to every one, but there just isn’t enough time in the day for me to do so.

Please know that your commentary contributions, be they additional information, stories, personal observations or critiques, are much appreciated, both by me as well as other NC readers. I truly love that my readers are engaged in the subjects I write about and take the time to write. I’m just sorry that I can’t respond to many more than those seeking an answer to their question.  (Photo:  Yellow-crowned Night Heron)

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