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Archive for April 10, 2018

Lily Piper Brown Arrives!

e-minutes after birth IMG_4113 (002)

To my Naturally Curious family,

As you know, I’ve been away attending the birth of my beautiful granddaughter. She took her time in coming, but three days ago my daughter Sadie delivered her daughter, Lily Piper. Otis has a sister, and we all have joy in our hearts! I was so honored to be asked to be present during the birth, and it was one of the most incredible and emotional experiences of my life.

While I was at Sadie’s I kept my camera and lenses in my car so they would be handy both to photograph my grandchildren and to also photograph the nesting woodpeckers down the road from Sadie’s house. Sadly, on the third or fourth day of my visit my camera and five lenses were stolen from my car! Blog photos for the next week or two may well be from previous years as it will be a little while before I can replace the camera and lenses. Rest assured I will insure the new ones now that I have learned the hard way that not everywhere is as trustworthy as Vermont!

Thank you (in advance) for your patience this week, as I catch up before returning to help Sadie. If I don’t answer your emails promptly (or answer them twice) please understand that I am still just a bit overwhelmed.  Naturally Curious posts will resume next week. However, over the next few weeks I will still be making trips down to help Sadie from time to time, so I may still miss a posting or be a bit late. Bear with me, please, and I will do everything I can to see that Naturally Curious posts resume a regular schedule as soon as possible. With a little luck, the snow will soon be gone and Greta and I can go exploring the woods for signs of spring with a new camera!