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How Does Weather Affect Foliage ?

10-8-18 fall foliage2 _U1A0617Peak foliage has arrived in northern New England and will soon be evident further south.  It’s fairly common knowledge that there are three main pigments that affect fall leaf colors:  chlorophyll (green),  carotenoids (yellow) and anthocyanins (red). Both chlorophyll and carotenoids are present in leaves throughout the growing season. Most anthocyanins are produced in the autumn, in response to bright light and excess plant sugars within leaf cells.

The amount and brilliance of the colors that develop in any particular autumn season are related to weather conditions that occur before and during the time the chlorophyll in the leaves is dwindling. Temperature and moisture are the main influences.

A succession of warm, sunny days and cool, crisp but not freezing nights seems to bring about the most spectacular color displays. During these days, lots of sugars are produced in the leaf but the cool nights and the gradual closing of veins going into the leaf prevent these sugars from moving out. These conditions – lots of sugar and light – spur production of the brilliant anthocyanin pigments, which produce reds, purples, and crimson. Because carotenoids are always present in leaves, the yellow and gold colors remain fairly constant from year to year.

The amount of moisture in the soil also affects autumn colors. Like the weather, soil moisture varies greatly from year to year. The countless combinations of these two highly variable factors assure that no two autumns can be exactly alike. A late spring or a severe summer drought can delay the onset of fall color by a few weeks. A warm period during fall will also lower the intensity of autumn colors. A warm wet spring, favorable summer weather, and warm sunny fall days with cool nights should produce the most brilliant autumn colors. (U.S. Forest Service, USDA)

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4 responses

  1. A month ago, I’d have bet we’d be seeing only brown, brown, brown, but the colors this week have been right up there with Vermont’s finest!

    October 8, 2018 at 8:11 am

  2. Alice Pratt

    Mother Nature is full of beautiful surprises!

    October 8, 2018 at 8:25 am

  3. Anne Woodhull

    Dear Mary, I love your posts and am so grateful for them. I have not given yet, but I will. For the first time this morning, there were advertisements at the bottom. Is that my computer or something creeped in. . I can’t imagine it is you letting anyone do that. . your posts are so pure of intention and graceful in their care. .. it was so annoying. I am chagrined by the advertising coming into the computer. Thanks and sorry to bother you, Annie Woodhull


    October 8, 2018 at 10:07 am

  4. Sue Wetmore

    Trees are perfect this fall!🍁

    October 8, 2018 at 9:03 pm

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