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Archive for November 21, 2018


Jan-NN-Birds-wild turkey track-CROPPED IMG_3278Thanksgiving presents us with the opportunity to stop and think about the things in life we’re really grateful for.  Today I’m most grateful for and give thanks to all of my supportive NC readers.

Turkey Post

I received an comment from a reader who took offense at my “#MeToo” reference in today’s turkey post and felt it was insensitive to the issue of sexual abuse.  I (perhaps mistakenly) associate “#MeToo” with the increasing power of women, not specifically with sexual abuse and my photo was an attempt to humerously reflect this.  All I meant to infer with the photograph was the hen turkey’s power to choose between three toms to mate with, instead of vice versa.  My apologies to anyone I might have offended.


Happy Thanksgiving!

11-22-18-hen & 3 toms IMG_7362