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Archive for March 13, 2019

Light, Paper and A Vision

3-13-19 calvin nicholls b7591623-2112-4f88-abf0-288f30c89899Occasionally the desire to share someone’s talent compels me to post about it. This is one such occasion. In my opinion, the next best thing to seeing a live bird or animal is seeing one through the eyes of Calvin Nicholls, a Canadian artist who makes paper sculpture images of birds and animals that are so realistic and appear so three dimensional they draw you in instantly. The illusion of depth through Nicholls’ use of light heightens the finest details in each of his subjects. To think that he accomplishes these realistic likenesses with nothing but finely carved pieces of paper boggles the mind. To read more about Nicholls and his paper sculpture process, go to Cornell’s site Of particular interest is the video illustrating how Nicholls creates his pieces.

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