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Archive for April 16, 2021

Great Horned Owls Raising Their Families

Roughly two months ago the courtship calls of Great Horned Owls could be heard throughout the U.S. as their breeding season began. Mating took place, eggs were laid and incubated for about a month, and several weeks ago those eggs hatched.  Looking like balls of tan fluff, the downy chicks can now be seen with their mother in attendance.

Great Horned Owl chick appetites are voracious. At the ripe old age of two weeks they are capable of swallowing a mouse whole.  The chicks weigh about an ounce when they are born, and for the first month or so, they gain roughly that much every day.  In another month they’ll be taking short flights, but will remain with their parents throughout most of the summer. 

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