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Archive for November 8, 2021

Calendar Ordering Deadline Reminder

The deadline for ordering Naturally Curious calendars is November 10. (A quick email to to let me know your order is in the mail would be helpful.) In past years, many orders have come in too late to fill, as I need to have them printed in time to get them to you by the holidays for those who give them as gifts. Thank you to those who have ordered calendars this year and in so doing supported my work.

Ordering information: You can order calendars by writing to me at 505 Wake Robin Drive, Shelburne, VT  05482. The calendars are printed on heavy card stock and measure 11” x 17” when hanging. There is one full-page photograph per month. The calendars are $35.00 each (includes postage). Please specify the number of calendars you would like to order, the mailing address to which they should be sent and your email address (so I can easily and quickly contact you if I have any questions). Your check can be made out to Mary Holland.

Hidden Treasures Under Rotting Logs

Eight out of ten logs that I lifted up (and replaced in the position I found them) this week had tiny pearl-like eggs in clusters about one inch in diameter underneath them.  Roughly 30 eggs were in each cluster. Whether these were slug or snail eggs I could not say, but mature slugs do deposit their eggs in the fall, often after mid-October, so one might assume these eggs were deposited by slugs.  To see the hatching of slug eggs, which can take place in just a few weeks if conditions are right, go to

 If a reader knows categorically how to distinguish snail from slug eggs, please enlighten those of us who are naturally curious with a comment!

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