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Archive for June 20, 2022

An Unexpectedly Early Juvenile Gray Treefrog

At this time of year the bird-like courtship trills of male Gray Treefrogs can be heard throughout the night from shrubbery bordering wetlands. Mating is taking place, eggs are being laid and typically the offspring would be seen in July and August.

Imagine my surprise when I discovered this 3/4″ juvenile Gray Treefrog recently. It’s possible that it could be this year’s — eggs take 2-5 days to hatch and tadpoles metamorphose into adults in 30-60 days. Early-emerging treefrogs could have parented this individual. But it’s also possible that it could have overwintered as a juvenile. While we’ll never know its exact age, it’s fun to see a juvenile this early in the season.

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