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Archive for November 7, 2022

Eastern Chipmunks Soon To Retire Underground

Unless global warming extends the normal activity of Eastern Chipmunks, most have or will shortly disappear into their tunnels where they have gathered and stored their winter food supply underground in a special chamber, or larder.  Up to half a bushel of nuts and seeds can be stored here.  They will visit this chamber every two or three weeks throughout the winter, grabbing a bite to eat between their long naps. 

In order to minimize the number of trips taken to fill their storage chamber, chipmunks cram their cheek pouches as full as possible.  The contents that researchers have found in one chipmunk’s two pouches include the following (each entry represents the contents of one chipmunk’s pouches):   31 kernels of corn, 13 prune pits, 70 sunflower seeds, 32 beechnuts, 6 acorns.

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