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Archive for March 6, 2023

An Amazing Read

Occasionally I come across a book that I would love the whole world to know about, and The Immense World by Ed Yong is one of them. How different animals sense the world has always been of interest to me, and I thought I had a fairly broad understanding of this subject until I opened this book.

Yong explores how different animals experience the world through their varying perceptions of smells, tastes, light, color, pain, heat, vibrations, sounds, and electric and magnetic fields. Each page contains information that will have you looking at our fellow inhabitants with a sense of wonder and awe. As Jeff Vandermeer (author of Authority) wrote: “A powerful and immersive deep dive into the perceptual lives of other organisms – and a persuasive case for more empathy and understanding of the complexity, sophistication, and sheer riotous joy of the nonhuman world – it’s an instant classic.”

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