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Ambush Bugs

Ambush bugs, assassin bugs, leaf-footed bugs and stink bugs are in the order Hemiptera – they are true bugs.  Although all insects are often referred to as “bugs,” technically, only insects in this order are considered and referred to as bugs by entomologists.  All true bugs have piercing and sucking mouthparts, and wings which are membranous and clear at the tips, but hardened at the base.  Ambush bugs are actually a type of assassin bug, most of which are predators. Ambush bugs are usually brightly colored (yellow, red or orange) and they also have thickened front legs, resembling those of praying mantises, which are used to capture prey.  If you carefully examine goldenrod flowers, you will probably find some well-camouflaged ambush bugs, waiting motionless for prey to come to them.  Thanks in part to their impressive front legs, they are capable of capturing prey ten times their own size. At this time of year you can also find mating pairs, as in this photograph.