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Wild Turkey Nest Predation

It’s fairly obvious that the eggs and young of ground nesting birds are extremely vulnerable. Eggs survive long enough to hatch in only about half of all wild turkey nests.  Predators, typically opportunistic feeders, look for the easiest and most accessible meals available.  Because of this, ground nesting birds, such as the wild turkey, often have a larger clutch of eggs than tree-nesting birds  Raccoons, opossums, skunks, crows and ravens will readily raid a turkey nest.  A nearby field was mowed yesterday, and much to the owner’s dismay, a turkey nest containing eggs was left exposed –  but the 11 eggs were intact.  The mother returned to the now-exposed nest, but upon visiting the nest this morning, a mere 12 hours later, I discovered the nest empty except for one egg which had been emptied of its contents.