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Children’s Books by Mary Holland

A New Children’s Book by Mary Holland

Arbordale Press has just released my 14th children’s book, Animal Myths.  Close-up photographs and simple text reveal the misconceptions some animal myths convey.  Does a porcupine actually throw its quills?  Are bats blind?  Do toads give you warts?  These and 10 other animal myths are examined within the pages of this book.  The last two pages provide mix-and-match activities for 4-9 year-old readers.  Available online or independent bookstores.  (You may have to request that your bookstore order you a copy if they don’t already carry it!)

New Children’s Book Release

“Animals are all around us. While we may not often see them, we can see signs that they’ve been there. Some signs might be simple footprints in snow or mud (tracks) and other signs include chewed or scratched bark, homes or even poop and pee (traces). Children will become animal detectives after learning how to “read” the animal signs left all around. Smart detectives can even figure out what the animals were doing! This is a perfect sequel to Mary Holland’s Animal Anatomy and Adaptations series.” (Arbordale Publishing)