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Naturally Curious Blog Celebrates 10th Anniversary

Ten years ago, on April 4, 2010, the Naturally Curious blog was launched, not because I was suddenly inspired to have a blog but because the publisher of my recently published book, Naturally Curious, insisted on it!  My wonderful editor, Rebecca Didier, offered to design it — I just had to provide the photos and texts.  Reluctantly, as I’m extremely technologically-challenged, I plunged into the Internet, starting the blog with seven posts a week.  After a few years I paired it down to five and then a couple of years ago, when life became a bit more complicated, I went to three posts a week. I envision continuing this schedule indefinitely (with a brief hiatus while I move across the state this summer).

This blog which I agreed so reluctantly to has become the focal point of my life. I love every aspect of it, from spending hours in the woods and fields in order to find something “blog worthy” to photograph, to researching the subject photographed, to writing about it and posting it in a timely manner.  Ask anyone who knows me — I am almost never without my camera, and am never not looking for something I think might hold readers’ interest (even while driving).

You have been there through the thick and thin of my personal life, and supported me and my family every step of the way. Your comments and questions have fueled my curiosity and increased my knowledge about natural history.  I feel a very strong connection with you because we share this curiosity about and reverence for the natural world. Thank you for inspiring the past ten years of peering and poking in every nook and cranny.  I am so grateful to have the opportunity to share my discoveries with kindred spirits.

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Photo Op Alerts

Over the years I have discovered and photographed most of my blog post subjects, but every once in a while someone lets me know about something out of the ordinary that they think I might be interested in photographing.  (Scattered flying squirrel tails, black bear dens, red fox litters and nesting birds come to mind.)  I am immediately on the road if it is something that I think might make a great post (and might possibly still be there by the time I arrive).  Distance and subject matter are heavily weighed before causing my car to contribute even more to greenhouse gas emissions…however, anyone who would drive 2 ½ hours to photograph a Monkey Slug has obviously contributed to climate change.

When I have had the opportunity to photograph something because of someone’s generosity in sharing the subject and location with me, you will see “Thanks to ___ for photo op (opportunity)” at the end of the post.  I am eternally grateful to anyone who thinks of me and takes the time to let me know about something noteworthy.  It doesn’t have to be something as earth-shattering as mt. lion tracks, for instance – kill sites, animal beds and caches, otter slides – anything that isn’t too commonplace and tells a story will have me at your doorstep.  To contact me please call 802-279-2330 and leave a message if I don’t answer. I am located in Hartland, VT (just south of White River Junction) and unless it actually is a mt. lion track sighting or something equally rare or that I’ve never seen, I probably won’t be tempted to drive more than a couple of hours. Thank you so much! (Photo: White-tailed Deer cached by and then dug up and eaten by a Bobcat.  Thanks to Otto Wurzburg for photo op.)

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Naturally Curious Erroneous Hiatus Explanation

4-22-19 male green frog IMG_8058Greetings, Naturally Curious readers. I wish to clarify yesterday’s inaccurate “Hiatus” post. I had surgery scheduled on my shoulder for next week, which would have curtailed any photographic activity and blog-writing for quite some time. The improvement in my shoulder and the thought of a spring and summer without a camera in hand have convinced me that surgery could and should be postponed, hopefully for a long time, but definitely through the summer. I was in the middle of writing a post about having to stop the blog for a while due to surgery when suddenly, after typing in just the title, the post was sent to you without my even knowing it. In the time since that happened I made my decision to put off surgery. My apologies for the confusion. Here’s to more spring discoveries, photographs and uninterrupted blog posts!

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Naturally Curious Blog Celebrates 9th Anniversary

4-3-19 9th year of NC IMG_4482Nine years ago Naturally Curious, the book, was published, and shortly thereafter this blog was conceived. The natural history events and curiosities of nine springs, summers, falls and winters have been documented on this site. While certain subjects which herald the arrival of a season appear annually, the goal is to introduce new discoveries with most posts. It is my fervent hope that readers have enjoyed traveling through the past 108 months with me, celebrating the diversity and beauty of this magnificent world of ours.

Naturally Curious is supported by donations. If you choose to contribute, you may go to and click on the yellow “donate” button.

Eight Years of Your Support

4-14-18 peeper 092

I want to take a moment to acknowledge the magnanimous spirit of Naturally Curious readers. You have supported me and my family multiple times — by donating to Sadie’s family’s future, supporting my blog and helping me replace my camera. I am truly indebted to you, and I will do my very best to continue to provide you with insight into the events and natural phenomena that we are all privilege to throughout the year. Thank you so much for your continued support of my work and my family. Naturally Curious is a joint effort – you are an integral part of this endeavor – your questions and comments, your continued loyalty and your financial support. I am so grateful to begin the 8th year of this blog with you. (Photo: Spring Peeper, Pseudacris crucifer)

Naturally Curious Posts During The Next Few Weeks

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I’m writing this post to let Naturally Curious readers know that there may be days in the coming weeks when my Naturally Curious posts don’t appear at their usual early morning time, or perhaps, even at all. I am going to make every effort to not have this happen, but I will often be posting away from home, and not being technologically gifted, I may well have computer-related (or other) issues.

The reason for my being away from home is that my daughter Sadie, who lost her husband last July, discovered a month later that she was pregnant with their baby. The baby is due in two weeks, and I will be with her and Otis and the baby for much of the next month or so. I will keep the blog going during this time, but there may be glitches for which I wanted to apologize in advance! Thank you so much for your patience, understanding and support over the past year and during this time. (Photo: Otis with doting grandmother)