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Eight Years of Your Support

4-14-18 peeper 092

I want to take a moment to acknowledge the magnanimous spirit of Naturally Curious readers. You have supported me and my family multiple times — by donating to Sadie’s family’s future, supporting my blog and helping me replace my camera. I am truly indebted to you, and I will do my very best to continue to provide you with insight into the events and natural phenomena that we are all privilege to throughout the year. Thank you so much for your continued support of my work and my family. Naturally Curious is a joint effort – you are an integral part of this endeavor – your questions and comments, your continued loyalty and your financial support. I am so grateful to begin the 8th year of this blog with you. (Photo: Spring Peeper, Pseudacris crucifer)

Naturally Curious Posts During The Next Few Weeks

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I’m writing this post to let Naturally Curious readers know that there may be days in the coming weeks when my Naturally Curious posts don’t appear at their usual early morning time, or perhaps, even at all. I am going to make every effort to not have this happen, but I will often be posting away from home, and not being technologically gifted, I may well have computer-related (or other) issues.

The reason for my being away from home is that my daughter Sadie, who lost her husband last July, discovered a month later that she was pregnant with their baby. The baby is due in two weeks, and I will be with her and Otis and the baby for much of the next month or so. I will keep the blog going during this time, but there may be glitches for which I wanted to apologize in advance! Thank you so much for your patience, understanding and support over the past year and during this time. (Photo: Otis with doting grandmother)

“Naturally Curious” Blog Celebrates Seven Years!

4-4-17 - loons 203Seven years ago today, after my book Naturally Curious was published, this blog made its debut.  Since then, close to 2,000 posts (initially there were 7 posts a week) have appeared.  They have produced one book (Naturally Curious Day by Day), many questions, comments and exchanges, new friends, generous donations and hopefully new insight into this magical world of ours.  Thank you all for seven very rewarding years.

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A Valentine To All Things Natural

2-14-17-painted-trillium-159In field and forest, and in the animal world sheltered therein, indeed in every garden, a reality is perceptible that is infinitely more real, older, deeper, and more wondrous than everything made by people, and that will yet endure, when the inanimate, mechanical, and concrete world again vanishes, becomes rusted and fallen into ruin.  

Albert Hofmann   (Photo: Painted Trillium, Trillium undulatum)

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Your Naturally Curious Comments

2-3-17-yellow-crowned-night-heron-by-mholland-030I’ve been meaning to address the subject of reader comments on my posts and my responses, or lack thereof,  for some time.  As you might imagine, I get a number of questions emailed to me as well as questions submitted on “Comments” after each post, which I do my best to answer. However, after having responded to those questions, gone outside to photograph for the next day’s post, decided on a topic, researched that topic and written the post, there is precious little time to respond to the rest (those not asking questions) of the comments. I read every single comment, and ideally would respond to every one, but there just isn’t enough time in the day for me to do so.

Please know that your commentary contributions, be they additional information, stories, personal observations or critiques, are much appreciated, both by me as well as other NC readers. I truly love that my readers are engaged in the subjects I write about and take the time to write. I’m just sorry that I can’t respond to many more than those seeking an answer to their question.  (Photo:  Yellow-crowned Night Heron)

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Happy New Year!


Merry Christmas!


Naturally Curious posts will resume on December 28th!